Wliderness Adventure "Novel Runaway Storm"

Nate stole the kayak…sort of. His parents definitely don’t know where he is, and that’s just fine with him. A summer kayaking solo through a chain of sparsely populated islands off the West Coast along the Canadian-American border, is a dream come true. What could go wrong? Nate wasn’t counting on the real runaways that make him feel like a fraud, or the cops chasing him into a wild and deathly storm. He wasn’t counting on being ship wrecked on a deserted island either, or on a crazed drug smuggler drifting into the bay with a boatful of Canadian bud and a loaded gun. Save himself? Save the Goth girl who tried to rescue him? Shot or drowned, their options are not looking good. 

Wliderness Adventure "Novel Runaway Storm"
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